Friday, January 28, 2011


Okay, so Priscilla said it was because I never posted and that is totally true. I have an issue I need your help with!!! I have to do a debate for speech and it's assigned! I know that sounds like no biggy but here is what's assigned:
Proposition(Topic): Homeschooling provides a superior education than Public School
Boys will have Affirmative(For): Homeschool provides a superior education than Public School
Girls will have Negative(Against): Public School provides a equal or better education than Homeschooling
Please have at least 4 points that strongly support your argument and anticipate counter arguments with rebuttals. Use the
student handout to guide you through out the process

What do I do? I think that home schooling is in most ways better than public schooling education wise and that peer pressure wise it is also better! The only pro thing I can think of is that it gives you opportunities to express your faith in situations that you wouldn't normally be able to. HELP!!!!


Priscilla said...

Debates are so fun! It's more difficult being on the harder to win side, but you'll probably learn more about the art of debate from arguing from that side than the easier side.

One area you might explore is what is available to public schoolers that is (usually) not available to homeschoolers. It really depends on what state you live in and even what school district as to what the rules are where you live, but in my state, homeschoolers are not allowed to participate at all in any class or in any sport. They are not even allowed on the school grounds during school hours. There are no township sports offered in my area. (We live in a rural area.) We can pay to sign up with a private studio for lessons of taekwondo or the like, but there's no possibility of any team sports for homeschoolers where we are. Our local weekly homeschool co-op has gym classes, but it's not big enough to have a league or anything.

If your parents are not able to teach certain subjects (the higher math classes for example), you are sometimes faced with the need to attend public school in order to receive classes and instruction for what you need. I homeschooled all the way through 12th, but we were able to hire an online math tutor who lived in Calcutta India (!) to tutor math 3 times a week the last few years of high school. We were also able to pick several courses from The Potters School for high school. However, these things cost MONEY, and there are a great many families who just can't afford it. That is one huge reason why so homeschoolers leave for public school in the high school years. They need instruction in a few subjects and aren't able to afford them through private tutoring. (By the way....LOVED The Potters School !!)

Good luck in your debate!

Priscilla said...

Just realized my reference to The Potter's School might have been confusing. It is an online Christian school for homeschoolers 6th through 12th grades and has live classroom courses. It is attended by homeschoolers worldwide (Many missionary kids and military kids attend who are stationed in other countries.)

**So** many wonderful options are available now for homeschooling to be sure! :-)