Monday, May 16, 2011

**scratch, scratch**

This is my thirtieth blog post! That seems like so little! BTW I found my beach towel under around three to four feet of sand!
Here's a summary of yesterday:
  1. Drove 12 hours to get home
  2. Arrived home
  3. Air smells amazing
  4. Ran inside
  5. Ran to my room
  6. Looked around in my room
  7. Went into the hallway
  8. Noticed bugs crawling all over my legs
  9. Brushed bugs off
  10. Caught mom's attention
  11. Looked around in rooms
  12. Found that our house had become infested with **scratch, scratch** FLEAS!!!
  13. Drove 18 to 20 minutes to get to grandma's house
  14. Spent the night at grandma's
  15. And now I'm waiting for mom to buy a flea bomb
**scratch, scratch**
PS JK about the itching
PPS NOT kidding about the fleas

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